(Inquiry through) curation

School for MultiSpecies Knowledges


polyrhythmic inquiry

interrelational practice

site-specific artistic research

studying with material

learning community

The School for Multi-Species Knowledges isa multi-year programme situated in Zone2Source, Amstelpark, Amsterdam, and developed in collaboration between Zone2Source’s director Alice Smits and myself. It is an exploration of how interspecies relationships can actually transform cultural, academic and activist practices. We focus on approaches for learning and co-creation that can help to attune ourselves differently to other life forms through understanding our co-dependencies in urban contexts. The critical questions asked here are: How does this framing change the way we live together, design our cities and environment, or conduct research processes? And which tactics and methods are required to develop multi-species communities? I bring to this research the results of the two-year programme Fluid Rhythms (OpenSet) that explored understandings of rhythmanalysis ― the notion and practice that has been the School’s methodological starting point, and which we aim to bring to the next level of development.

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