Pedagogical gestures

Classroom in Negotiation

in­terrelational practice

spatial & sensorial learning

studying with material

What if we started a class, not by distributing prearranged desks among the students, but by literally having to find ourselves in the educational space? Which questions and power dynamics would emerge from this collective spatial ritual of negotiating a classroom? It starts with an empty, unstructured space, in which school furniture and other materials are offered as equipment for students to build their learning territories.

If we slowly and performatively negotiate these territories, we invite intuitive and embodied forms of articulating and decision-making. This complicating of the learning environment allows us to experience the simultaneous importance and interconnectedness of the brain, the body, and the environment in a process of meaning-making. During this exercise, we look at collective learning as an assemblage of different subjectivities, bodies, spaces, durations and temporalities, and we facilitate ways of escaping fixed structures, policies and identities within the discipline of art education.

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