Pedagogical gestures

Mapping Bodies, Spaces and Glossaries

in­terrelational practice

spatial & sensorial learning

learning community


wording exercise

This pedagogical tactic questions the dematerialised and impersonal ways in which terms and words emerge, are selected, and relate to each other. Mapping Bodies, Spaces and Glossaries is a conversational exercise, devised as a medium to disturb our expectations of language — to generate an awareness that language is more than just a neutral technology with which to articulate and share meaning. A rather nonorthodox glossary that hosts our words during the exercise allows for a more subjective approach in thinking about words, and invites us to experience language as the connector to experiences, histories and knowledges. Words in the glossary are related to each other in a messy and rhizomatic way, as parts of a map. Instead of listing them, we use them as a bearing structure for a cartographical exploration of our position toward, and our relations with, their meanings. Through embodied and silent negotiation of the glossary map, we navigate the discovered positions: agencies that are traced and told through words.

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