Pedagogical gestures

Co-respond: Bodies, Voices, Spaces in Art Education


interrelational practice

spatial & sensorial learning

note-taking & tracing

intimate pedagogy

site-specific artistic research

The reading group Co-respond: Bodies, Voices, Spaces in Art Education is set up as part of an ongoing collaboration between the MA Education in Arts, Piet Zwart Institute and the MA Art Education, Zurich University of the Arts. Hosted by Jules Sturm (ZdHK) and me, the group comprises a regular series of hybrid physical and screen-based encounters in which participants discuss themes like embodied learning, material sense-making, hybrid corporeal-digital practices, educative gardening and transformative pedagogies. Within these gatherings, correspondence is both a theme and an approach. It is a concept embraced for its summoning of the relational, in the sense of how one thing connects or corresponds to another, or how one group of people connects to another. It is also used quite simply as a form, where conversations slowly unfold through the act of letter writing or other communicative exchanges. Reading in this context is understood as an act of engaging with texts and sites through observations and listening practices, bodily driven cartographies, and more.