(Inquiry through) curation

Representation of Pedagogical Work


forms of engagement

studying with material


pedagogical research

As a course tutor for the Master Education in Arts programme (Piet Zwart Institute), every year I guide graduates through translating their pedagogical research and practice into representational forms. We consider representation as a didactical tool within the research process. The goal of this approach is to stimulate reflective documentation and alternative presentation formats, rather than a merely pragmatic attitude towards educational reports. Each year, a new group of students deepen their critical view of meanings, affiliated complexities and ethical boundaries, and of exchanging and disseminating pedagogical research toward broader audiences. My dialogue with students is about addressing the challenge of presenting or reporting pedagogical experiences ― showing highly situational, subjective, intimate and procedural journeys. Each student’s answer emerges from, and is in line with, the specific context of a pedagogical endeavour and the nature of their research/practice.
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