(Inquiry through) curation

Memories of the Future: Walking into the Digital Media Archive


archival research

multidisciplinary forms of inquiry


learning community

Memories of the Future was a five-month long trajectory organised by Open Set at and with The Netherlands Archive of Sound and Vision. The programme investigated the agency of designers and artists in creating new tools, ways of thinking, and visual or performative narratives that can reactivate our memory, eventually leading us to futuristic pluralities. Memories of the Future brought together a group of designers, filmmakers, archivists, and digital humanities scholars to discuss subjects of shared concern, namely: the accessibility and distribution of heritage, alternative historical narratives, and the algorithmic nature of archives. Artistic experiments during the programme focused on the un-categorised, estranged, multiple forms of interpreting the archival narratives. As such, “foreign” ways of encountering histories meant creating new imaginary tools for comprehending our challenging global realities, and for envisioning and debating probable futures.

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