(Inquiry through) curation

Fluid Rhythms: Polyrhythmic Inquiry in the Bijlmer


interrelational practice

polyrhythmic inquiry

site-specific artistic research

learning community

The two-year multidisciplinary practice-based research programme Fluid Rhythms offered a context for developing experimental projects that address the methods of “rhythm” in the fields of art, design, urban planning, the performing arts, and the humanities. This meant providing tools for perceiving rhythms and for tapping into their generative potentials. By investigating the intertwined patterns of change, we aimed to engage with the subtle complexity that starts to reveal itself to us in how humans, machines, animals, and microbes interact and coexist in the urban context. Organised by Open Set, the programme was situated in Amsterdam-Zuidoost, more specifically in the Bijlmer neighbourhood. The programme was supported by local cultural institutions and was informed by the active contribution of people involved in the life of local communities. In developing the programme and its methodological framework, I collaborated closely with the research group Designing Rhythm for Social Resilience, led by prof. dr. Caroline Nevejan (University of Amsterdam).

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