Practice (as research)

Learning with Others (essay)


interrelational practice

spatial & sensorial learning

This contribution to the publication Situationer Workbook / Situationer Cookbook (ed. Michelle Teran) was the result of a reflection upon a seminar titled Contemporary Issues in Art and Design Education: Learning with Others (2019), part of the curriculum of the Master Education in Arts, Piet Zwart Institute. Students were invited to examine their own pedagogical practice from the proposals of post-humanism and new materialism in education. Learning with Others was written in collaboration between Ingrid Commandeur and myself. Through our engagement in the course, we came across interesting points of connection between our theoretical explorations and the practical experiences of the seminar. This motivated us to capture material traces and observations of the pedagogical process which took place, including its gaps and points of friction.

The essay is subdivided into four different “acts” interweaving theory and practice. Act 1 provides an introduction to recent research in post-humanism and new materialism in relation to education and pedagogy. Since it is our intention to let the seminar speak for and of itself, Act 2 shows material traces of the learning journey, while Act 3 is devoted to explaining its context and content. In Act 4, which is our dialogue, we aim to read the theory through the practice, and the other way round.

Available publication: Situationer Workbook / Situationer Cookbook, (published by Research Center WdKA and Publication Studio Rotterdam publishers, 2021)

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